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Monday, October 1st, 2012

Oct 01, 2012 -- 9:56am



    Craig Evans, a 24-year-old swimming coach in England, who accidentally sexted everyone in his address book, including some of his underage students. Evans typed an intimate text to his girlfriend but accidentally sent it to everyone in his phone. This would have been just another funny anecdote, but he had the contact information of several of the teen girls he coaches, ages 13 and 14. He was charged with inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and sentenced to 18 months in prison. On appeal last week, this sentence was suspended and Evans freed, because it was clearly just a stupid mistake.


    A group of teen girls in Pennsylvania, who randomly beat a mentally challenged woman, filmed it and then posted it to Facebook. The 48-year-old victim had been sitting on her porch when the teens approached her and attacked. They laughed as they beat the woman for sport, all the while showing their faces clearly on a video of the incident. That video was then posted on Facebook, where police could see the entire incident and identify them. All six suspects have been arrested and will be charged as adults with felony aggravated assault.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....

    A 14-year-old teen in Connecticut, who took the brakes off his bike, and then learned the hard way why they were there. Moments after the teen removed his bike's brakes, he was unable to stop at a stop sign and hit the side of a car. He also was not wearing a helmet and was taken to the hospital.


    Jonathan Carter, of Delray Beach, Florida, who robbed the cell phone store where he had bought his phone, and was caught when the owner remembered him. Carter got away with a phone and $2,000, and the owner called police. The store's owner then did a little of his own detective work. He had the man's cell phone number in his sales records, so he searched facebook for it, which led him to the thief's Twitter account, where his real name and current address were listed. Police were able to go to his home and arrest him.

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