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Kennel Enrichment program started to help reduce animal stress

Nov 20, 2013 -- 1:06pm

You may notice more music and the toys in the kennels at the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri. Director Kelly Goff tells KZIM KSIM the kennel enrichment program at the Humane Society was started because staying at the shelter can be stressful for the animals. "it's important to keep the animals engaged for lots of reasons. unfortunately  pets can experience depression by keeping their minds, their  noses, their eyes,  and all of their  senses engaged, it helps them battle the stress of being in the shelter, " Goff says. According to her, animals that are less stressed will be more likely to transition more smoothly into a “forever home.” The idea for the program started in May when the staff took a kennel enrichment course during an animal care expo they attended earlier this year in Nashville, Tenn. Activities include giving the dogs new stuffed toys and balls to play with daily, having them sleep on raised beds, and  playing "exploratory" or "scavenger" games.  The Society works off donations from people like you. Anyone interested in providing donations of items or time can call the Humane Society at 334-5837.

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