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Cape Mayor Harry Rediger speaks on his first term and about having a challenger in the upcoming race

Nov 20, 2013 -- 4:08pm

Cape Mayor Harry Rediger is ready to serve again! He says he still has much more to do! The retired businessman says his success in helping to secure the Isle Cape Casino was a major boon for the city, as is the return of the river boats, and the beautification of the Broadway corridor. He tells KZIM KSIM though the city is very fiscally prudent he does look forward to two capital projects in the next four years…"The new waste water facility should be complete in June of 2014 and is necessary even if not thought of in its toal impact by the public. Also we (city government as a whole) will continue to look into the police department situation. We have no location or funding yet but this is not a want it is a need. The council and the staff will be working on this for the next year or so." Future legislation includes: finishing the first leg of the nuisance ordinance, landlord and tenant rules, the approval of sidewalk cafes on Broadway and more beautification including the Public Works department in “operation Clean Sweep” ridding grassy areas of over growth along our roadways. Rediger says he is happy to see Walter White vying for the Mayoral seat for the fourth time as competition always gives the public a better field of options. The election for Mayor is April 8th.




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