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Friday, November 15, 2013

Nov 15, 2013 -- 8:30am



    Lauren Podell, a WDIV-TV news reporter in Detroit, who apparently unwittingly dropped the "F-bomb" on-air while having equipment issues. Podell was doing a live report from the scene of the fire, and was unaware her microphone was on. During her technical frustration she could be heard cursing, "I don't know when we're going, neither does Jim, I can't get this [expletive] in there!" The anchors apologized for the outburst and moved on.
AND THEN THERE'S .....    Charles Barry, who flashed a fake police badge and a firearm in an effort to get discounts at a Dunkin Donuts. Barry told real officers that he got the badge from his father, who is a real police officer in New Jersey. The real badge was confiscated and the phony cop was arrested by real police officers for impersonating a law enforcement officer and improper exhibition of a firearm.
OR HOW 'BOUT .....    Nathan Bells, 20, who stapled his testicles to settle a bet after losing a game of Fifa 13. Bells, a college student lost an Xbox soccer match to his friend then agreed to endure the painful punishment. The eye-watering moment he jammed a staple into his scrotum was broadcast on student news website, The Tab. Bells, who is studying at Leeds University, said: "It brought a tear to me eye. I usually beat my friend. He got lucky."
OKAY, ONE MORE .....    Linda Ducharme, of Gibsonton, Florida, who renewed her marriage vows to a Ferris wheel. Ducharme said: "It was like something (was) pulling me, there was a tug." Her love wasn't for a man or a woman, it is a Ferris wheel called the Sky Diva, which she affectionately refers to as Bruce. She's allowed to do that, because she married it. The phenomenon is known as objectum sexuality. It is based on the idea of animism, that suggests objects have a spiritual essence. She said she also feeds Bruce, the Ferris wheel, pizza.

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