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The campaign for early detection of breast cancer is underway its track record is bright pink with success!

Sep 25, 2013 -- 5:13pm

Do you need a reason to believe? Statistics do not lie when it comes to early detection of breast cancer. Executive Director of the St. Francis medical Center Foundation Linda Decker says the Pink Up Cape campaign – partnered with the Dig For Life fundraiser at SE Missouri State University has helped provide 22-hundred mammograms over the last four years! 4-hundred-fifty last year alone, compared to only fifty-eight in 2009! She tells KZIM KSIM six women are most likely alive today as they were diagnosed with breast cancer through this program…"A man who had lost his job two years ago called and said his wife had not had a mammogram in four years and her family has a history of cancer. He said he was worried sick about her. So a call was made to Womancare at St. Francis Medical Center and they got her in that day! She was fine but it was amazing that he made that call! The awareness is amazing!" The PINK UP effort is partnered by 1-hundred-five local businesses that have each made a 3-hundred dollar donation to provide mammograms to women who otherwise would postpone them or not have them at all. Thirty schools are also participating. The pink up luncheon is SOLD OUT! If you are in need of a mammogram and can’t afford one call Trinka Hileman at Womancare at 331-5209.

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