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The flu season is already here prepare your family to fight the bug!

Sep 25, 2013 -- 4:48pm

2013 “FLEW” by and the flu season has sneaked up on. Director of the Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center Jane Wernsman says being prepared can help you avoid ten days or more of debilitating illness! A typical flu season runs October through March but the Center for Disease Control reminds you it takes your body two weeks to build antibodies after getting inoculated. There will be a clinic set up at the Osage Center tomorrow from 9am to 6pm where you can get a shot or a nasal mist. KZIM KSIM asked Wernsman if one is better than the other…"It has been indicated that the mist is stronger as it is a live virus type and the response seems to be quicker. It develops the antibodies faster and may even last a bit longer." The mist has some limitations. You must be in an age range of two to forty-nine years old with no health concerns. There is also a high dose available to seniors over sixty-five that protects at a faster rate. Persons under eighteen will need parental consent to get a shot. Medicare and Medicaid are accepted. Wernsman says there will be a drive through clinic on the 18th at Fire Station #1 on Sprigg Street in Cape from Noon to 6pm. Also at the Legion Hall in Jackson on the 26th, and again on Halloween at the Jackson Fire Station. 

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