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ATV owners wary of new Illinois registration fee

Sep 25, 2013 -- 12:22pm


Owners of all-terrain vehicles in Illinois will be paying a bit more for having the off-road conveyance.  A $15 state registration fee for ATVs takes effect early next year under a measure Illinois lawmakers approved last November to help fund the state's Department of Natural Resources.  Officials say the expected $800,000 in revenue will go toward maintaining off-road trails, though some ATV riders and dealers are skeptical.  The owner of Good Guys Motorsports in Herrin says he's unsure where the revenue from the new fees will go. Brad Young adds the state doesn't offer many DNR-maintained roads for ATV users in southern Illinois.  DNR spokesman Chris McCloud says businesses and local government vehicles will be exempt, as will golf courses with a fleet of carts. 


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