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Someone You Should Know - Britt Durham

Sep 25, 2013 -- 8:30am

This week’s someone you should know came to us by accident…through facebook.  His name is Britt Durham, and he is a pharmaceutical rep—but that’s not what interested us—it was his philanthropic efforts.  Though truth be told, he would rather not talk about himself.  So, we asked about his influences growing up.  He said his parents really had an impact on his early life.  He became a Christian at 9 years old, and had a lot of extended family around.       

Durham says that a few years ago, he and his brother-in-law began discussing a run—something to get families out in a Christian environment—and then, through a friend, discovered an idea that struck a chord.  There was a friend in Poplar Bluff who was providing shoes for children that were without them.

Durham decided that they would “borrow” the idea, and gave life to Heartland Sole Providers—with sole spelled S-O-L-E, with the double entendre fully intended.  They met with Cape and Jackson schools—principals, counselors, and teachers—to work to provide new shoes for local children in need.                                                       

The original intent of their idea was to get kids active—with that family run—but through that, their goal with Heartland Sole Providers has allowed them to provide for the smallest children, on up to the athletes at the high school level.                

Durham has a strong recommendation if you would like to help others, whether locally or globally—first, to pray about it—and then to take the chance and think positively!                                                                        

A random sighting on Facebook brings you Britt Durham, humble philanthropist—it took some convincing to get him to talk to us…but he is definitely, Someone You Should Know.  For more info on Heartland Sole Providers, go to their facebook page:  Heartland Sole Providers or you can email them at

If you would like to mail a donation:  Heartland Sole Providers, P.O.Box 2191, Cape Girardeau MO 63701

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