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Sewer rates are higher in Cape, council discusses lowering rates for residents

Apr 29, 2013 -- 4:32pm


A completed sewer-rate study recently ordered by the city of Cape Girardeau indicates rates could be reduced slightly and not affect funding capabilities for construction and operation of a new wastewater treatment plant.  City Manager Scott Meyer says they can lower the rate by $1 per month.  A campaign for a new wastewater treatment facility began when the city had to bring its more than 50-year-old plant into compliance with state and federal standards for untreated wastewater.  During the council retreat Friday, public works director Tim Gramling said the cost of constructing the new plant is presently coming in under budget.  Meyer said the reduction for all customers will be equal to the city collecting $204,000 less per year. The city collects $777,000 per year at the current rate.  Meyer said if the council approves the $1 per month drop in sewer rates along with proposed cuts and expirations of restaurant and fire sales taxes that would need to be approved later by voters, the total reduction to the city revenue would equal $2,627,000 per year.

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