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Thursday March 28, 2013

Mar 28, 2013 -- 8:20am



    Kahtanna Culp, a 29 year-old teacher, who went to the principal at her school to file a complaint against a male student, who was blackmailing her because SHE wanted to end their intimate relationship. Culp and the male student had not only engaged in regular bouts of sex, but also regular pot smoking as well. Culp feared the teen would go public with information about their relationship, so she told the one person who is legally required to go to the police and report her for the crime.


    Ruth Amen, 46, who threw a surprise birthday for one of her bosses that led to the discovery... she was embezzling their money. When she paid for the surprise birthday party without permission, company officials decided to look at her bookkeeping practices more closely and discovered she had stolen more than $181,000. Deputies say she also wrote herself "extra" paychecks totaling $65,000, and failed to deduct the cost of insurance from her paychecks. It was the best birthday present her bosses could have asked for.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....

    Evan Dorsey, 25, who made a detailed list of bizarre goals that lead to his arrest. Police found Dorsey's criminal 'to-do' list on him when he was being arrested for burglary. The organized felon included 'goals' such as finding crystal meth and coke, getting a gold watch, robbing a drug dealer, selling drugs, and doing one altruistic act for a stranger. At the time of his arrest, Dorsey was carrying about two dozen pieces of jewelry, several tools used to pry open doors and a baton-like weapon known as a black jack.


    Kathryn Wright, 58, a Florida grandmother who was chaperoning an elementary school field trip while intoxicated. Another chaperone told police that while on the field trip, Wright was using profane language and was falling down on the bus with children present. Wright then shoved and shouted profanities at the other chaperone as she tried to help keep Wright calm. When she was questioned by authorities, Wright said she drank two bottles of diluted vodka and threw them in the trash. Police said they found the empty water bottles, which smelled like alcohol.

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