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Mail Processing Center that serves SE Missouri will close soon

Mar 27, 2013 -- 12:15pm


Postal Employees received word Tuesday evening that the process of closing Cape Girardeau's Richard G. Wilson Mail Processing and Distribution Facility will begin in late summer.  The closure would be completed by March of 2014.  American Postal Workers Union Cape Area Local 4088 President Greg Davidson says it is still up in the air what operations would remain once completed.  He tells KZIM-KSIM what postal employees and customers should see mail sent to St. Louis before being delivered in Cape and the surrounding areas.  Davidson says the employees have not seen anything in writing from Postmaster Michael Darling, or how much of what they were told is subject to change.  He does feel this will mean it would take longer to get your mail, with all mail collected going to St. Louis to be sorted, but the postal service plan is to change collection times in order to deliver overnight first class mail. 


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