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Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Feb 28, 2013 -- 9:34am


    Fifty two-year-old Gregory Jackson Senior (Sr.), who was so hungry he called 911 to get a cheeseburger. He didn't call just once, but nine times in about a 90 minute span. However, instead of sending him a cheeseburger, the 911 dispatcher sent an officer to Jackson's apartment and arrested him. Here's the bonus: Jackson was already wanted on a warrant for failing to appear at a court hearing.

    Christopher Sharp, 37, who put on his police deputy uniform and went to work every day, even though he isn't a policeman. Sharp, who in fact works at a local Pizza Hut, stole the uniform from his sister's boyfriend, a real deputy sheriff, and pretended to be a deputy to impress his girlfriend and her friends and family. Real officers arrested him for impersonating a police officer and gave Sharp a ride to jail in a real police car. Apparently Sharp would come home from work wearing his deputy's uniform and would tell his girlfriend about the events that happened on his shift. He would even provide legal advice to folks about such topics as child custody matters and avoiding a DUI.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....
    An unidentified father, who was upset that his son wasn't getting enough playing time on the school's basketball team, so he hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on the coach. The parent learned, ten years ago, Coach Mike Hvizdo appeared in a movie short titled "Forbidden Fruit," a raunchy nine-minute comedy film which included plenty of vulgar language and a sexually graphic theme (but no nudity). He presented that information to the school board and the high school decided there was no way Hvizdo could lead young men anymore. Wow talk about a helicopter parent.

    Herton Reid, 60, a bus driver in Florida, who was eating while driving a public bus and suddenly hit the brakes, causing his standing passengers to lurch forward. One passenger lost her grip on the overhead bar and hit her head on the fare box, falling to the floor in pain. The video from the bus showed Reid just glanced down at the fallen passenger... and kept on eating his Jamaican beef patty. The incident cost taxpayers $100,000, when Broward County commissioners voted last week to settle the lawsuit.

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