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Tuesday,February 26th, 2013

Feb 26, 2013 -- 9:48am



    Jose Angel Perales Jr., 24, who broke into an Iowa lingerie store and should have kept his clothes on and his tattoos covered. Davenport police said they had little trouble identifying him, thanks to a tattoo on his back bearing his name "Perales" in old English lettering. Police checked the mug shot system and identified the man in the video as Perales. The surveillance cameras showed that Perales spent about two hours in the store trying on various items. He then left the store wearing a dress and a blond wig and carrying a Dr. John's merchandise bag containing various adult items.


    Ari Pregen, a Miami-Dade prosecutor, who lost his job after flashing his departmental medallion to get free admission and discount lap dances at a strip club in Miami. The club's manager complained to authorities that Pregen had intimidated the club's staff by reportedly flashing his badge and quoting the law in a bullying manner." Pregen apologized in a memo to his supervisors, writing "I don't know what I was thinking, and I was wrong."

OR HOW 'BOUT .....

    An individual, who went to a Dallas area gun range and used an unauthorized shell that ended up starting a four-alarm fire that burned the range to the ground. The fire was apparently triggered by a shooter who admitted firing tracer ammunition. The small flare that is part of the round makes it easier to follow the path of the bullet, but the pyrotechnic component apparently triggered the inferno when it hit the target.


    A ten-year-old Massachusetts boy, who was upset that his mother had ordered him to go to bed at eight p.m. Instead of doing any of the things that kids ordinarily do to protest, he took this one to the next level. He dialed 911. He hung up before saying anything, so officers showed up at his home to investigate. After receiving a stern warning from the cops, the boy was sent to bed. No charges were filed.

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