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Dutchtown residents call post office vital

Feb 18, 2013 -- 10:31am


Residents of a tiny southeast Missouri town say they rely on their small post office and hope to keep it for years.


     The Southeast Missourian reports that the post office in Dutchtown was one of about 3,700 that narrowly escaped closure last year.


     The Postal Service instead shortened hours at more than 13,000 offices, saving an estimate $500 million per year by September 2014.


     Dutchtown postal clerk Doyle Parmer says the nearly 100 village residents receive a free post office box because there are no delivery routes.


     The post office is housed in a corner of an out-of-business convenience store and bait shop. But resident Dustin Schmidt says it is vital. Without it, he'd have to travel to another town to pick up his mail.



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