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GED-High School Equivalency Changes-Act NOW!

Jan 23, 2013 -- 5:42pm


If you are working toward your high school equivalency certificate, known to some as a GED, or you would like yours…the time is now!  The test will soon be changing, and not just the test itself, but the cost of taking the exam will increase.  The company that created the current version is no longer a non-profit, and developers have announced a price increase coming in 2014.  The current cost is 40-dollars, and could go to 100 or higher.  Those who want to complete their GED will be forced to start over if they do not complete the five sections prior to the end of this year.  Coordinator of Adult Education and Literacy for the Cape Girardeau Adult Education Center Becky Atwood has seen this coming, and tells KZIM-KSIM that you can finish before time runs out.  The AEC offers prep classes for the GED, at no charge, and is looking for adult students who are ready to start and committed to completion. Instructors are certified adult educators, and some fast track programs can be completed in just a couple months.  Besides the Cape Girardeau campus, they also have sites in Marble Hill and Perryville.  Call the AEC for information or to enroll at (573) 334-3669. 

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