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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Jan 23, 2013 -- 10:10am


    Minnesota lawyer, Thomas P. Lowe, 58, who has been suspended indefinitely after having an affair with a client, then billing her for time they spent having sex. Lowe represented the woman in a divorce case, then began an affair with her. After several arguments with the woman about the affair and his own marriage, Lowe ended the affair and withdrew as her attorney. However, he then billed the woman for legal services on the dates of their sexual encounters, coding the time as meetings or drafting memos. The Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility brought a petition against Lowe, who has been suspended indefinitely to practice law in Minnesota.

    Rapper Lupe Fiasco, who was thrown offstage and escorted off the premises of a Washington, D.C. concert hall during a pre-inauguration concert. The rapper was doing an anti-war, anti-Obama rant, according to concertgoers, before being booted from the event. Lupe performed one anti-war song for 30 min and said he didn't vote for Obama and refused to move to the next song, so a team of security guards came on stage and told him to go.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....
    The trio of Colombian criminals, who had to abandon their escape plans after they realized... donkeys don't make good getaway cars. The three were forced to ditch their booty of rum, oil, rice, cans of tuna and sardines after their getaway animal started making noises. Witnesses say their getaway vehicle, a stolen ten-year-old donkey, let out a series of 'hee-haws' which alerted nearby police and the three were arrested.

    Phillip Sawdey, who wanted to rob a Huntsville, Alabama Starbucks, but ended up with just a coffee instead. Sawdey approached the cashier at the business and demanded "all the cash." The cashier told Sawdey she was unable to open the cash drawer and then offered him a coffee instead. Sawdey left the store with the coffee and was found by officers in a nearby parking lot where he was arrested without incident.

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