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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Jan 22, 2013 -- 9:53am



    Dwight Miller, 20, who learned you can't cover your tracks very well during a burglary if you're wearing an ankle monitor. Florida police used a GPS to place Miller at a burglary where $12,000 worth of jewelry and electronics had been swiped. But it was a dropped wallet at the burglarized home, containing Miller's ID, that pointed detectives to the suspect. A quick check determined Miller was wearing a GPS ankle monitor during the burglary.

AND THEN THERE'S . . . . .

    Alex B. Miller, 22, who should have known, if you're going to create a brush fire in your backyard, police and fire fighters might respond and find you... and your pot. Fire fighters responded to a large amount of smoke coming from a backyard in Sarasota, Florida. When authorities made contact with Miller, he refused to allow them access to his backyard. For good reason too, once inside the backyard they found 16 cannabis plants in planters. A search warrant helped uncover multiple bags and jars containing marijuana, and other drug paraphernalia inside the home.


    Alan Bronson Rice, 61, who held up a bank in Anchorage, Alaska using a hammer instead of a gun. Rice produced a hammer from a small backpack, placed it on the counter at a teller's window, and announced, "I need your money. Give me your 100s and 50s. I'm gonna hit you with this hammer. Hurry up!" Rice was arrested several blocks from the bank, sitting on a bench. A search of Rice's backpack turned up a hammer, and money with a tracking device.


    Two unidentified exotic dancers, ages 19 and 23, at a Wisconsin "gentleman's club," who got into a fight on stage over... a one dollar bill. A customer was trying to give the dollar to one of the dancers, but the other dancer took exception to it and felt she had 'earned' that dollar. The strippers punched and slapped each other, and some hairs were pulled out, before other dancers and customers broke up the fight. Wow times ARE getting tough!

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