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Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Jan 08, 2013 -- 9:22am


    Juli Arnold, 49, the Clinical Director of a Florida women's drug and alcohol treatment center, who was forced to resign after being busted for her fourth DUI. The deputy that conducted a traffic stop allegedly found an open container of an alcoholic beverage, a bottle of liquor in a cooler bag and an unlabeled bottle containing an assortment of prescription pills in her vehicle. Apparently the Clinical Director hadn't been listening to the counseling being offered in her own facility.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....
    Felecia Cooks, 17, who stole an iPod from another teen at a Bronx bus stop, then provided the victim with incriminating pictures of herself. Police apprehended Cooks just a day after she posted photos of herself posing in front of a mirror and making kissy faces that she accidentally posted on the victim's Facebook page.

    An unidentified New Yorker, who found an iPhone in a New York City cab and decided to start using his new found phone's dating app. This triggered emails to the phone's owner, Nadal Nirenberg. Nirenberg decided the best way to catch the man with his iPhone was to set him up with a date. Nirenberg logged on to the site and offered the man a date, posing as a woman and including a picture of a beautiful girl. Of course the iPhone thief took the bait and showed up at the appointed location with a bottle of wine. Nirenberg greeted him with a hammer and a $20 bill, just in case. The man handed over the iPhone, took the money and ran, but not before Nirenberg got the last word, saying "You smell great though."

The Swedish Transport Agency, who was tricked by a man who submitted a painting of himself for his driving license application - and the agent approved it. Fredrik Saker, 29, said of his picture: "I don't look good. My face is flushed and I am having a bad hair day." The Swedish Transport Agency was duped by the prank and the image and it was cleared for official use. Saker said the painting took him 100 hours - and now he is doing license "photos" for pals.

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