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Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Dec 27, 2012 -- 9:59am


BEST GENIUS AWARDS OF 2012 . . . . . . .
FROM FEBRUARY 2012 .....
    FBI agents in Fitchburgh, Mass., who cut through a woman's front door and held her at gunpoint for at least 30 minutes before agents realized they were conducting a raid at the wrong home. Judy Sanchez says she walked into her kitchen to see a blade chop through her door. She says she was held face down on the floor at gunpoint while her 3-year-old daughter cried in another room. It turns out agents were after the other tenant on the floor of the multi-unit building, who was suspected of dealing drugs. The FBI has apologized and is paying for the damage.

FROM MARCH 20012 .....
    Trevor Gladston, Jr., 39, an Atlanta man, who walked into a bank and handed the teller a note demanding cash. The teller, protected by bullet-resistant glass, read the note and fled. Gladston, seeing that things weren't going the way he had planned, left the bank and hailed a cab. When the cabbie told him he would have to pay in cash, he went back inside the bank to withdraw money from his personal account for the cab ride home. He did get a free ride by police to the local jail.

FROM MARCH 2012 ......
    Dan Dolan, a Republican congressional candidate, who mistakenly spoke at a Democratic convention in Iowa. Dolan arrived at the county courthouse in Albia for a Republican convention. He says his staffer asked the crowd if he could speak, and, when he finished, a guy raised his hand and said: "I think you want to talk to the Republicans." Turns out, the Democrats were meeting in the same place two hours before the Republican event was to start.

FROM MAY 2012 ......
    Police officers in Britain, who held a man's stolen van for three days and charged him $502 to get it back, because they didn't have his contact info. This didn't make much sense, though, because the phone number and web site for his business were painted across the side of van in large print. Police decided it was not "practical" to call the number on the side of the van, so the man ended up having to pay for three days at the impound lot. Great detective work there.

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