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Major fines loom for some businesses if Congress doesn’t act on the HHS mandate

Dec 26, 2012 -- 5:32pm


A two-judge motions panel in the Tenth Circuit recently issued an order denying Hobby Lobby’s motion for an injunction against the HHS mandate pending appeal. The order conflicts with a recent Eighth Circuit order and with Supreme Court precedent. The panel maintains that a person who, for religious reasons, objects to complying with the HHS mandate doesn’t face a substantial burden on his exercise of religion, even though that non-compliance subjects him to massive financial penalties. Senior Policy Advisor with the Catholic Association and mother of 5, Maureen Ferguson tells KZIM KSIM, Hobby Lobby, a family owned-business, created in a garage in the early 1970-s is facing impossible penalties! 1-point-3 millions dollars A DAY in fines. Based on the number of employees nationwide. Ferguson says it’s the exercise of religion that is at issue… as the founders are refusing to provide coverage of abortion drugs. There is no question that a large monetary fine imposes a substantial burden. She says the fact that this case was delayed for a month severely prejudices Hobby Lobby’s opportunity to seek meaningful Supreme Court review before the mandate operates against it on January 1. Non for profit church groups will face a different challenge. Ferguson recommends you call 202-225-3121 to voice your opinion on this issue. 

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