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Supreme Court issues an order in the 150th revote case

Dec 26, 2012 -- 11:24am


The Supreme Court of Missouri has issued an order in the case involving an election challenge in Dunklin County.  Tomm Todd was asking  for a district wide revote.  Republican Kent Hampton won the seat November 6th by 140 total votes over challenger Tom Todd.  But ballots were given from the nearby 152nd race to voters in the newly redrawn 150th, clouding the outcome.  New irregularities surfaced after five voters in the Cotton Rural Precinct said they received the wrong ballot as well.  Todd filed a petition with the Missouri Supreme Court to order a new election.  But the High court dismissed the case, forcing the trial Judge Winchester to decide the outcome.  The election is set for January 8th in just the three precincts in question.  In order for the election result to change, Tom Todd will have to get 141 more votes than Hampton during the re-vote.  The Supreme Court has stayed both the order requiring a response to the preliminary writ and the briefing schedule.  The case has also been removed from the January 3rd oral argument docket. 

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