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Southeast Missouri State University announces a new Board of Regents President

Dec 21, 2012 -- 3:12pm


As the year comes to a close Southeast Missouri State University has announced a new president for their board of regents.  Doyle Privett of Kennett will officially step into his new role on the 31st succeeding Donald Bedell whose term expires January 1st.  Privett was initially appointed to the board in 1994 by Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan and served until 2004.  Five years later he was again appointed in April 2009 and has served since.  Privett tells KZIM-KSIM as an alumnus he loves to see alma mater continue to grow. Bedell spent 12 years on the board and 6 of those as the president.  Privett is a 1973 graduate of Southeast with a degree in accounting.  He is a member of the board of directors of Kennett National Bank and serves as chairman of the advisory board for Southeast’s regional campus in Kennett. 

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