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Cape County Commission gives their initial approval to their 2013 budget

Dec 21, 2012 -- 1:35pm


Cape County officials spent a better part of Thursday going line by line of the proposed 2013 budget.  According to general revenue estimates the county will have about 11 point 6 million dollars to spend in 2013.  County Coroner John Clifton is requesting his office’s budget be increased by 10-thousand dollars because of higher costs associated with inquests and autopsies.  Cape County Auditor Pete Frazier tells KZIM-KSIM traditionally they work with each department to help determine financial needs. Judge Gary Kamp has also requested an additional 20-thousand dollars to place more inmates on house arrest with ankle bracelets to deal saving the county in the long run.  The county will have another public hearing next month.  Their budget must be finalized by January 31st.

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