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Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Nov 28, 2012 -- 9:36am


    Nassau County, New York, Police Department, whose sensitive police documents ended up as part of the confetti used during last week's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. A Manhattan attorney said he and his son noticed during the parade that some of the confetti included Social Security and license plate numbers. A department spokesman has stated that an investigation is underway to review procedures for disposing of sensitive documents.
    Arteesha Donaldson, 24, who threw an ironing board at Latoya Hudson, 28, on Thanksgiving Day, after her sex toy came up missing. Hudson told cops that Donaldson began looking for her little latex friend and became upset when she could not find the item. The two argued for several minutes, then Donaldson threw an ironing board at Hudson. Donaldson, who also had an
active warrant in a neighboring county, was arrested for misdemeanor assault and battery.
OR HOW 'BOUT .....
    Jerry Leon Pope, 62, of Tennessee, who fired a shot at another driver because he was in a hurry to take advantage of the Black Friday Walmart sales. Pope told a deputy he had waited in line for five hours to buy a stereo for his grandson, but the store sold out before he was able to make the purchase. Pope said that he was driving to another Walmart when he fired the shot at another driver "to scare her into moving." He blamed frustration and told the deputy that "he did not know what came over him."
    A 22 year-old burglar in Moscow, Russia, who hid inside a false ceiling at an electronics store for a full day before slipping down during the night to steal $4,200 worth of merchandise. Well, he almost stole it. He had planned the stealing part pretty well, but his getaway was flawed. The man stole the devices, got back into his improvised hideout and started waiting for an opportunity to leave unnoticed. That opportunity never came. He was still there the next day when the store re-opened and the employees noticed the items were missing. Employees found him and called police.

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