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Scooter drivers will face new rules in Cape Girardeau

Nov 09, 2012 -- 3:26pm


Scooter drivers will have to follow some new rules in Cape Girardeau after the city council passes an ordinance Monday.  Effective next Friday those who drive a scooter under 50 cc’s must travel on designated roads only and required to wear a helmet, have insurance and not carry any passengers.  The issue was first passed in its initial reading October 15th.  It received final approval Monday night.  Councilman John Voss tells KZIM-KSIM they made it so the whole city was accessible. A scooter operator must also be a licensed driver.  Scooter safety has been a growing concern with the number of users in Cape Girardeau growing over the past couple of years.  You can see the ordinance rules at 

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