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Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Nov 07, 2012 -- 9:33am


    Yunus Latif, 47, who illegally filled 30 non-approved, five-gallon plastic buckets with gasoline at a Connecticut gas station and attempted to drive back to New York City. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, police observed Latif filling up 30 empty Home Depot buckets with gas and loading them into his van. Officers said the buckets of gas were covered with lids and stacked on top of each other inside the van and trunk. The buckets were not secured in the vehicle and the lids were beginning to expand. Police officers quickly intervened to avert a disaster.

    Lester L. White, 25, a suspect who returned to the scene of his crime to get his gun back from police. White allegedly attempted to rob a man waiting at a St. Louis bus stop. However, his intended victim put up a fight. During the ensuing melee, White dropped his gun before fleeing. Police were called to the scene, and the gun was recovered. Now here's the odd part: while the victim was talking to the police, White approached, asked for his gun back and then
struck the victim in the head. He was arrested.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....
    William Keltner, 52, who switched the UPC codes on a couple of items and thought the Walmart checkout person wouldn't notice. He was wrong. The clerk got a little suspicious when Keltner's $228 TV rang up for only $1.17. Keltner was detained by the store's loss prevention team, who took him to their office, where he allegedly attempted to hide the low-value price tag to no avail. Keltner, who had numerous previous theft convictions, will likely do some more time behind bars.

    Anna Alvarez, 31, who left her 5-month-old child in the car while she went into a Florida grocery store to swipe three packs of cheese. Police were called to the store on the misdemeanor shoplifting charge and said they were going to let Alvarez off, before they realized she had committed another crime. Alvarez had left her child in the car, unattended for almost an hour before police approached the vehicle and found the child was sitting in a car seat crying and screaming loudly. The child is in protective services, and mom is in the slammer.

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