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Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Apr 24, 2014 -- 9:38am


    Police at the Anchorage airport, who lost track of a small quantity of explosives used to train bomb-sniffing dogs.
     Police attached the explosives to a rental car parked in the lot, only to have a customer drive away with it.
     The explosives were recovered hours later in the Anchorage area without incident.
     Police say the amount of explosives in the vehicle was small and didn't pose a threat to the driver or the public, but they are reviewing policies to make sure it doesn't happen again.


    The NYPD, whose Twitter photo contest to commemorate the city's love for police, backfired with images of embarrassing behavior and aggressive force.
    The New York Police Department created a hashtag and tweeted: "Do you have a photo w/ a member of the NYPD? Tweet us & tag it #myNYPD. It may be featured on our Facebook."
    That’s when things went very wrong. The Twitter community began running with #MyNYPD to share pics of police in not-so-flattering situations including pictures of police brutality.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....

    Jeffrey Chapman, who is asking a court to get his large neck tattoo that reads “murder” removed before his upcoming murder trial.
    Chapman is afraid the tattoo could influence jurors.
    Prosecutors are okay with his request, but the sheriff's office says they are against transporting Chapman to a licensed tattoo facility — the only places tattoo artists are allowed to practice under Kansas law.
    Maybe he should have rethought the idea of that tattoo in the first place. Especially if you're gonna commit a murder.

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Apr 23, 2014 -- 9:36am


    Zachery Logsdon, 23, a Knoxville, TN man who faked his own kidnapping to scam his mother for cash.
    Logsdon texted his mom that he was being held by a drug dealer who would kill him if he didn't pay $200.
    His mother repeatedly asked if he was telling the truth, because he had done this before. 
    Instead of sending him the cash, she called 911.
    Investigators set up a meeting to drop off the money, but when Logsdon came to get the cash, he saw investigators and ran.
    He was arrested after a short chase, and charged with filing a false report and resisting arrest.


    News producers for WBIR in Knoxville, Tennessee, who put two bunnies on the anchors desk during a live Easter-themed segment, that then began to have sex.
    During the segment, the three anchors watched in horror and amusement as the bunnies had a little booty-call on live television.
    When the camera quickly cut away, the anchors took their chance to make good-natured jokes about the situation.
    But after producers cut back to the news desk, only one bunny was left on screen. 
    Link contains YouTube video.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....

    TSA personnel at San Jose International Airport, who allowed a teen to sneak onto the tarmac and climb into the wheel well of a jet headed for Maui.
    The stowaway flew in the jet's wheel well for five freezing hours to Hawaii.
    He passed out in the air and didn't regain consciousness until an hour after the plane landed in Hawaii.
    When he came to, he climbed out of the wheel well and was immediately seen by airport personnel who escorted him inside to get interviewed by the FBI.
    Authorities are trying to determine how the boy slipped through multiple layers of security, including wide-ranging video surveillance, German shepherds and Segway-riding police officers.

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Apr 22, 2014 -- 4:33am


    An unidentified 59-year-old man, who was arrested after stopping by an Austrian police station to ask officers whether he was under investigation.
    It turns out he was wanted on four counts of fraud and embezzlement and was arrested on the spot.
    Although the man was the subject of a Vienna arrest warrant, police say he was unlikely to have been apprehended if he hadn’t gone to the police station.


    Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal and an aide, who were almost struck by a train while talking about… commuter rail safety.
    As Blumenthal was saying, “Safety as you know it is paramount …” an Amtrak train whizzed by near him, briefly pausing the conference.
    The video shows Blumenthal standing on the platform's yellow warning strip, while his assistant, holding a visual aid, was closer to the tracks and almost hit by the speeding train.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....

    Kevin Hughes, 36, who confused crystal meth for ecstasy, and ended up naked in a South Carolina Walmart.
    An employee called police after Hughes walked into Walmart in the middle of the night, wearing nothing but black shoes.
    Police found Hughes in the electronics section.
    After getting arrested for disorderly conduct. Hughes said, “I’ve had a problem with drugs in the past. I still like to do Ecstasy once in a while. I accidentally got methamphetamine instead and it really made me crazy.”

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Apr 21, 2014 -- 4:23am

    42-year-old John Paul Perkins, a West Virginia man who phoned in a bomb threat to the mine where he worked because he couldn’t find a baby sitter for his 8-year-old daughter.   After striking out in his quest for a sitter, Perkins used a convenience store pay phone to call in the threat against the Emerald Mine.   The mine was shut down while police could search it and the stunt cost the company more than $96,000 in productivity.   At the conclusion of the search police traced the call back to the convenience store and confirmed it was Perkins voice on the call. Perkins faces a preliminary hearing on April 24.

    Jason and Jeremy Holden, two Washington twins who staged a fake kidnapping to draw traffic to their prank website. Police are investigating the video, which shows a van pull up to a playground and two masked men abduct a child.  After parents called police, the brothers returned to the park to say the stunt was part of “kidnapping awareness.”  Attorney Craig Ritchie said the people behind the video did call the police a few minutes earlier about their intentions, but there was no chance to respond. He added, "We’re taking a look at whether or not there is a crime. You just really can’t anticipate all the ways people can be stupid."

OR HOW 'BOUT .....
    A Florida homeowner, who led police to his Marijuana growing plant by calling the power company to report a short.  The power company was investigating an electrical short in the man's home when they noticed the lines had been tampered with.  Upon further investigation they saw the man was running illegal power lines to a separate structure that was shorting his power.
    Police found more than 100 pot plants and said there was so much marijuana in the home, that there was very little living space. Apparently the short happened as the man was remodeling the back room into more grow space.

    A 19-year old, who was videotaped urinating into the Portland, Oregon city drinking water reservoir, and prompted the city to flush away millions of gallons of treated water. 38 million gallons of already treated water had to be discarded thanks to the teen in the videotape.The teen was one of three individuals arrested by police for trespassing. He was also cited for public urination.

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Apr 18, 2014 -- 4:42am


    James Manning and Teresa Castillo, a California couple who were arrested for stealing a car to get to their court date.
    The pair were originally facing charges of possessing a controlled substance.
    Needing a ride, they stole a car from a local dealership without knowing there was a GPS tracker in the vehicle.
    Police tracked the car to the courthouse and confronted Manning and Castillo, who claimed they purchased the car earlier that morning.
    Knowing the truth, cops arrested them both and filed additional charges after finding marijuana in the vehicle.


    Leon Lynch, 51, an Arizona man who was busted after posting photos on Facebook of some items he stole.
    Following a series of burglaries, Lynch announced a garage sale on Facebook.
    One victim spotted her stolen wedding dress in one of his photos and contacted police.
    After an undercover deputy bought the dress at the sale deputies searched the home and found other stolen goods, including a motorcycle missing since 2010.
    Lynch was arrested on suspicion of theft, wrongful taking or disposing of property and marijuana possession.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....

    Tanner Bradshaw, 18, a Florida teen who was arrested for robbing a store where he was a regular customer.
     When a burglar stole $2,000 worth of merchandise from Florida E-Cigs and Vapes, the owner turned to his surveillance video for help.
     He quickly recognized Bradshaw and was even able to show cops a photo of Bradshaw's driver's license because they were friends on Instagram.
     Bradshaw was still in possession of the stolen products when cops found him.

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